“…the question is not what you look at, but what you see…” — Henry David Thoreau —

On a trip, one sees so many new places, interesting landscapes and scenery…lots of different faces, cultures, customs and levels of life. Every view is different and everybody saves their memories in a different way. Sometimes, one doesn´t remember only the good things that happened, but the negative experiences become a part of a trip too.

One looks through photo and the soul starts traveling, memories come back, emotions awaken.

There are photos which, even after years, bring a smile to your face or some send tears down your face.

It is the same for us. While traveling we take photos, we record videos and collect quite a few strange artefacts and souvenirs – so we can bring a piece of Africa to you. To give you a whiff of its exotic, its cultures and traditions.

Our slideshows and travel talks are underlined by lots of photos, videos or sounds. You will have the opportunity to browse a whole inventory of pieces we brought back from Africa. Some of our presentations you can even taste, be it as “kerkedeh” (hibiscus juice from Sudan), “tabaldi” (baobab juice) or with a dried mopani caterpillar in your hand.

We don´t only talk about our travels, you will also get a lot of hints and advice for your own trip from us.

Dates of our planned presentations will probably be from autumn onwards, those dates will be on this page here or, if you subscribe, will also be in our newsletter.

Want to have us present our trips only for you or your company? Anything is possible, we would come to your company or private function with pleasure and take you with us on an exciting, breathtaking trip through Africa – even if just virtually. Contact us:


Have you got or do you know about any locations for slideshow presentations? Are you interested in some of them? Just contact us, we would love to come to your place and talk about our trips, you choose the topic/country and we present it.

Any slideshow presentation about a specific country is based on our many experiences and knowledge of the country, our presentations are accompanied by many photos, short videos and even a little exhibition of artefacts. Also, depending on the location, we may have a special snack for you too…

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